Letter: It is time for Ridgefielders to turn on their light

To the Editor:

There is a very dark shadow that has been cast over America, a shadow that seeks to rob us of our individual freedom. Although the shadow is massive and covers most of this land, it is also darkest at our own doorsteps. I watch and wait, but see little to lift my soul or my spirit.

Here in Ridgefield, we work to make a single Muslim family comfortable, to feel welcome among us, as our Jewish neighbors are being insulted with swastikas! No doubt the Jewish community can step up and bring light to the darkness. But when the entire community turns on the light, shadows have little choice but to disappear!

It is time now for all of Ridgefield to turn on their light and make a difference in the lives of their Jewish neighbors as well as their African American neighbors and their Muslim neighbors.

The time is now to join hands and raise voices against the tyranny of prejudice, and at least in this town and the towns surrounding us, let it be known that we will not rest until everyone is safe and enjoys the freedoms America has promised to all.

Emelie Howard