Letter: Is history repeating itself?

To the Editor:

In our democratic republic, every citizen has the right to vote for a president and congressional members, but not every person elected has to get a majority of the total votes cast. This can, of course, lead to disaster as history has well recorded.

In 1933, the Nazi party promised their choice for chancellor would govern with a coalition government of all parties, winning a majority 52.6% of the seats in the Reichstag while only getting 43.9% of the popular vote for their Fuhrer.  

Within weeks of the election, the Fuhrer instituted restrictions on personal liberty, freedom of expression and the press, rights of assembly, communication and property ownership, and changing the fundamental rule of law through the Enabling Law.

In our own election, the Republican party’s choice for President also promised a bipartisan government, winning 56.5% of the Electoral College but only 46.1% of the popular vote.

Donald Trump has followed history by threatening our cities with restrictions on Federal funds; attacking our free press as fake news, not to be believed or listened to; instructing Congress to repeal the Affordable Health Care for America Act without a replacement, leaving millions of Americans without medical insurance; and claiming voter fraud, thus allowing him to request every state release voter demographics and voting history.  

A widely quoted limerick by an unknown author seems to fit both these individuals, neither of whom won a majority vote of their citizens:

   There was a young lady of Niger

   Who smiled as she rode on a Tiger;

   They came back from the ride

   With the lady inside,

   And the smile on the face of the Tiger

PA Torzilli