Letter: Insufferable amount of time to replace Route 35 bridge

To the Editor:

My wife and I made a Danbury run late Saturday afternoon, and as we passed the construction site just north of Copps Plaza, we felt grateful that we do not have to deal with the traffic mess there on any regular basis.

But the question occurs to me — why the heck must it take so long to build this bridge? I would bet my bottom dollar, particularly with the enormous crane that is in place there, that with Patton’s 3rd Army, we would not be talking about months or weeks, nor even days but merely hours to finish a bridge there, across which could roll scores of Sherman tanks for weeks on end.

Do people realize that the reason why they are suffering for months on end is that they voted

for the very government which takes months instead of hours or days to replace a bridge?

Ray Martin

Marshall Road, March 26