Letter: Install a traffic light where routes 35 and 116 meet

To the Editor:

At the intersection of routes 35 and 116, I consistently notice the same thing: a backup of traffic stretching far back on 35. As a student who regularly commutes in the morning to the high school, where this is an integral part of my drive, I find it upsetting that I must face this each day.

While traffic going north and south onto 116 and 35 (Main Street), respectively, have blinking red lights, coming from 35 on Danbury Road leaves one with a blinking yellow light, indicating “slow” or “caution,” which, let’s be honest: no one really pays attention to anyway.

Countless times I have seen people speed through that light, ignoring its meaning, and causing even more confusion than necessary going north and south.

This should not be an “every man for himself” situation.

It has a simple fix: install a standard, not flashing, traffic light.

What really irks me about this is that the town spent money they could have used in this situation to instead put in a stop sign at the intersection of Sunset Lane and Grove Street.

In my over 10 years of living here, not once have I seen a car driving down Sunset Lane in which the stop sign would be necessary.

Although it can be useful to slow people down, there is a stop sign only a few hundred feet ahead which produces the same effect. This money that was wasted on this could have been put towards installing a much more useful traffic light system at the intersection I previously mentioned. I urge the town to consider implementing one, as it is a situation that affects the life of many high school students such as myself, as well as many others.

Thank you for your consideration.

Mia Scarpati

RHS Class of 2020