Letter: Independent Party endorsement of Frey raises questions

To the Editor:

After reading the article in The Press about how the Independent Party of Connecticut is entirely different from Ridgefield’s Independent Party, I went to the CT Independent Party website hoping to learn about their party platform, but apparently they don’t have a platform. They don’t have any statement of positions or philosophy.  I really can’t tell what they stand for.

I looked to see if they had any statement about their endorsement of John Frey, but they don’t have that either. Instead, there is a lengthy statement by the Independent Party chairman complaining that the Republican Party is engineering cross-party endorsements by petitioning their way onto the Independent Party ballot line, and not through actual endorsement. He didn’t seem very happy about it.

So I am wondering, did John Frey get the backing of the Independent Party because they like him, or did the Republican Party simply pull a back door maneuver to get him on the Independent ballot? Does John Frey stand for what the Independent Party stands for (I don’t know what that is) or does he just think it is a good election strategy to appear on as many ballot lines as possible?

Mark Robinson

Flat Rock Drive, Sept. 15