Letter: In this town, walk light means wait

To the Editor:

Walk light means wait, then walk.

With the walk signal flashing and sounding, I was about to cross Main Street in front of the town hall late one recent afternoon, but instinctively I knew to pause first. Good thing, as three drivers suddenly decided to blow through the red light there.

I knew also to keep away from the sidewalk corner. Good thing, because the tires of the third vehicle whose driver ignored the stoplight mounted the curb in taking an abrupt right-hand turn.

I remember the old defensive driving campaign ads on TV. Getting hit once by a car in the village while in a crosswalk during the daytime has now taught me defensive walking. U.S. pedestrian deaths are on the rise, totaling nearly 6,000 in 2017 for the second straight year, according to a new study that came out recently.

Gregg Bartlett

Ridgefield, March 6