Letter: In our shoes ...

To the Editor:

So one of the latest issues in town is whether or not a B&B should be allowed on Circle Drive. Everyone has an opinion. One of the great things about our town is the ability to voice a stance in the printed and/or on the online news. A lot of information is found there … some factual, some emotional, and much lies somewhere in between. The reason there are so many letters and comments is because Ridgefielders care about each other. We care about our neighbors. We care about the quality of our town. We care about its character.

The members of Circle Drive Neighbors Alliance are asking you to care. We're asking you to stand in our shoes and help support our opposition.

A B&B in Ridgefield may sound like a great idea. It may sound charming. It may sound like something we need. But please consider the location. Take a moment and think about how you really would feel if this house/business was next to yours ... or in your backyard ... or across the driveway. Would you hesitate to support it if so? Would you give pause to buying a house in its proximity?

Ridgefield has residential zones and Ridgefield has commercial zones and with good reason. Allowing a special commercial permit in residential area of town opens the door to changing it all. If our next door neighbor can open a B&B, so could yours. Please don't let that start on Circle Drive.

Trudy DeVivo

Hobby Drive, Sept. 18