Letter: Immigration policy requires compromise

To the Editor:

No one wants to see families separated from their loved ones, particularly minor children, and the process of reunification is underway along our southern border. But to achieve a lasting and workable immigration policy that protects our borders will require compromise by our elected officials in Washington, which I encourage.

If it was easy it would have already happened.

It could have taken place when Democrats enjoyed one-party control of our government with huge majorities in both the House and Senate. It might have happened when Republicans took control in 2010 of the House and later the Senate by working in a bipartisan fashion with President Obama. Republicans remain genuinely divided on the issue but it remains unclear just what Democrats agree on except opening up our borders.

As an elected state official I take seriously my role in helping the people of the State of Connecticut. At the encouragement of former Gov. Jodi Rell, 12 years ago I became member of the Republican National Committee and now I am one of two people who represent our state on that body.  

It is the responsibility of federal officials to deal with federal issues whether it is immigration, or the federal budget.

Democrats, it seems, are not interested in compromise and coming up with a reasonable alternative that will protect our borders and alter the process now in place. Skeptics argue that they prefer to have the issue as a political hand grenade they can toss in the fall elections. I believe, through compromise, a solution can and should be reached. Soon.

The level of vitriol on all matters Trump has reached toxic proportions. Unless we talk to one another and not at them, unless we restore civility — on both sides — and stop harassing public officials and their families in restaurants, social media and otherwise, we are not going to solve our problems.

John Frey

State Representative, 111th District