Letter: How about jerk instead of bully?

To the Editor:

Well, I did wonder when people would get sick of hearing from me. It appears at least one person has. I was blissfully asleep for 18 years, but circumstances have woken me up.  

I would not hold it against anyone to express their opinion — whether I agree with them or not.  

I do think it would be proper to point out that what I have done in my missives is discuss the issues with the Winter Club, expose misrepresentations by the Winter Club applicant and its agents, question the moral side of different projects being proposed where I believe regulations are being exploited and point out some inherent conflicts of interest for an elected official.  Although we may have regulations that allow certain things, it doesn’t mean people should take advantage of them at others’ expense.

I have not thrown stones at resident supporters of the club. In fact, I understand their interest in the club. Would I love a giant “man cave?” You bet! It would be incredibly selfish of me to ruin my family’s and my neighbor’s quality of life and destroy the character of their neighborhood. I’m just not wired that way.  

I agree with some Ridgefielders that the Winter Club would be great — we just need to find a suitable location for it.

I’m not sure I can agree on the sacrifice that an individual is calling on us to make. Should we put a slogan on top of our real estate brochures “come to Ridgefield where some day we may ask you to sacrifice your quality of life for 275 families from Brewster or New Canaan or wherever?” You may think I’m a jerk if you don’t agree with me (that’s fine, my wife has even done it) — just don’t say I’m a bully.

Jeff Hansen

Old South Salem Road, Nov. 4