Letter: Honoring our Eagle Scouts

To the Editor:

The Administration of Ridgefield High School has a policy that Eagle Scouts and other students honored by outside organizations may not wear their honor cords at the RHS commencement ceremony. The reasoning runs from vetting outside organizations to student competition.

With all the talk in town about school start times, homework loads and emotional and mental health, you would think the Board of Education and Administration would be happy to recognize accomplishments like attaining the Eagle Scout rank. A program that values citizenship, community service, family values and leadership should be embraced and celebrated.

Scouts spend years in their formative teens to attain this coveted rank. Eagle Scouts grow to become leaders of our communities, companies and nation. Of all distinctions a young person may attain during their High School years, attaining Eagle Scout rank is one of a very few that will be included on a 50 year-olds’ resume.

Please let the Board of Education and Administration know that you support our Town’s Eagle Scouts. Send a note to the Board of Education at boardofed@ridgefieldps.net and tell them you support Eagle Scouts wearing their honor cords at commencement.

Don Romoser

Assistant Scoutmaster, Ridgefield Troop 116