Letter: Holiday poem or fairy tale?

To the Editor:

Thank you, Lise Reed, for your service to Ridgefield. And for your creativity in describing how uncontrolled development endangered Houston.

Practically speaking, it’s difficult to connect anything about Houston with a town of 25,000 in Connecticut. Having lived in both communities, I know.    

Instead, last week’s submission makes a quantum leap from Hurricane Harvey to Tuesday nights in Ridgefield, launching a tribute to “nine volunteers who leave their families behind, with laws and regulations clear on their minds.” These volunteers are credited with “always protecting you, your family, your home.”

Stop the presses (one would think). These “volunteers” are, lest we forget, elected representatives of the people of Ridgefield. The people, here, are reduced to “wringing hands” — their eyes not yet open to how well served they are.  

Make no mistake. This is serious business, warranting far more than wringing of hands. The people of Ridgefield who attend P&Z meetings leave their families as well or bring them along because family interests hang in the balance.  

It has become clear from the exceptions requested and the decisions of P&Z, that our regulations do not adequately protect homes or families. The standard explanation is “just doing our job,” a response increasingly out of tune with what residents expect and the situation requires. As for commissioners invoking their special expertise in these matters, the dramatic reversal in court of a recent P&Z decision for overreaching suggests otherwise.

It is time for P&Z to get the need for regulations that preserve residential neighborhoods “clear on their minds,” instead of brushing aside proposals for change. And time for Ridgefielders to be protected and served.  

It is far better for bad decisions to be avoided than reversed.  

Ron Shirk