Letter: Here we go again

To the Editor:

In last week’s Democratic View, Troy Ellen Dixon describes courage, and how it played into the founding of our country. She goes on to affirm that in the 19 months since the presidential election we all have had reason to consider that courage; our Republic was designed with checks and balances to guard against tyranny; despite mistakes it has self-corrected — many times; and that courageous individuals are stepping forward rather than not dealing with things “dangerous, difficult or painful.” She also quotes a historian who now wakes at night, worried.

So what is the takeaway here — President Donald Trump is a tyrant, our form of government was designed to combat this very situation, even serious people like historians can’t sleep at night for fear of this tyrant, and individuals must all fight against it. May I suggest Civics 101, Mrs. Dixon? There is nothing illegal, unconstitutional or tyrannical about the election or the actions of our current president, despite how much you may despise him.

Do you want to know what tyranny looks like? It looks like a failure by our chief executive to “faithfully uphold the laws,” including immigration laws. It looks like an administration that has the IRS target conservative groups. It is a president that signs an agreement with our deadly enemy Iran that was not ratified by the Senate because he did not have enough votes, and which Iran never even signed in the end, and then demands that we have an obligation to uphold it. It looks like an administration that spies on its own citizens, specifically targeting journalists. Next time you open a dictionary, Mrs. Dixon, look up more than just one word.  Tyranny would be a good place to start.

Sean Archambault

Ramapoo Road, July 9