Letter: Help keep our home a home, sweet home

To the Editor:

My wife and I, like anyone else, cherish our home. It is not just a structure to be lived in, rather a sanctuary of peace and an otherwise physical extension of our wellbeing.   

This is being threatened by a proposal to construct a massive commercial structure on land in a quiet residential neighborhood that is zoned residential and abuts a wildlife refuge. This proposal, via special permit, is for a “winter club” that includes an outdoor ice rink, massive clubhouse, parking lot, generators, elevated lighting and any other offensive requisite for a complex of this magnitude.

Three years ago, we moved to Ridgefield to raise our family. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined myself living near a facility of this kind. In fact, we would never have even considered the neighborhood! We were once told by a close friend and longtime Ridgefield resident that the people of Ridgefield were a close-knit community, and that in times of need, they come together to help one another. Please help us in defending our homes and our neighborhood. I do not want to have disdain for a town I call home. I do not want to live on a once quiet road or to see the wildlife disappear by a club open for business 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. I do not want to open my windows for fresh air and hear noise or smell noxious fumes from an industrial fan in a commercial-sized kitchen. I want my children to appreciate what I never had growing up, a peaceful place to call home.  

Please take a moment to ask yourself: Would you want this in your backyard? Would you want the sanctuary of where you live violated? Would you want a business venture to selfishly use your home as a backdrop for a private club? If your answer is no, please help us in protecting our homes and preserving what truly makes Ridgefield a great place to live!

Robert Daher

Peaceable Street, Sept. 11