Letter: Health fair is a perfect example of RVNA’s mission

To the Editor:

One of RVNA’s missions is to increase health awareness in our communities through educational programs and events.  At the cornerstone of this mission is the RVNA Health & Wellness Fair, which hit the mark this year as more than 90 health and wellness exhibitors donated their professional services, offering screenings, demonstrations and information to more than 540 attendees from 47 towns.

Of the 1,118 free screenings that were performed that day, 13% resulted in a referral for additional follow-up medical attention. These screenings educate, inform, and sometimes even save lives. No small feat.

I would like to express heartfelt gratitude to all those whose generosity, time and expertise brought health to hundreds … for free.  

Thank you to our sponsors, who truly make the RVNA Health & Wellness Fair possible each year. Thank you to our exhibitors and providers who offered free, safe and reliable screenings, sound professional advice, and valuable insights and information. Thank you to the food committee and businesses who kept our staff, volunteers and exhibitors sated and satisfied throughout the day. Thank you to all the Ridgefield organizations who contributed their services to the event. And, of course, thank you to the RVNA staff and volunteers for their contributions of time, talent and unbridled enthusiasm.   

Space limitations prevent us from naming each organization and individual here, but we are truly grateful. The health fair is a perfect example of the RVNA mission — come to life — with the help and support of our community.  

2017 was truly a success.

Save the date for next year!  Saturday, April 21, same time, same place.

Barbara L. Newland

Director of Community Health & Wellness, RVNA