Letter: Haskell supports pension sustainability

To the Editor:

I would like to correct a note of misinformation in last week’s letter by William Jaeger, who stated it is not a priority of Senator-elect Haskell to address Connecticut’s pension liabilities.

Haskell said throughout his campaign that he would fight for fiscal sustainability. He has always been a vocal supporter of implementing the Legacy Obligation Trust Model in Connecticut, whereby an independent trust would manage underutilized state assets to pay off pension obligations. By examining underutilized state assets, we can determine where profits might be available to address our unfunded liabilities. This model has been used successfully in the city of Detroit, and in multiple states. He also supports increasing accountability and oversight by imposing fiduciary responsibility on all members of the Connecticut State Employees Retirement Commission.

He will support the work of the Pension Sustainability Commission, which searches for new sources of non-tax revenue to help pay off Connecticut’s unfunded pension liabilities.

Amanda Cordano

Florida Hill Road, Nov. 19