Letter: Good news about our town’s teens

To the Editor:

With all the negative press about the state of our young people in this country it was awesome to walk through the Ridgefield Library last Thursday night and see more than 100 RHS teenagers studying individually and collaborating together in study groups. While I have no doubt there was some socializing going on it was exciting to see these young people studying hard for their midterms. Special thanks need to go out to our new library director, Brenda McKinley, and her staff for extending their hours from an 8 p.m. to a 10 p.m. closing time during midterms week and for providing extra study space, extra school supplies, study break facilities, and even a ROAR therapy dog. Their efforts not only help our teens succeed but demonstrate how committed the library is to supporting the needs of all the residents of this town. Including teens! Well done and thanks.

Woody Harford