Letter: Go, Dems, go!

To the Editor:
I have recently begun to realize how far ahead of us the Democratic party is and I’m jumping on their bandwagon. I can now see how their policies are truly the road to the future. I mean take the $15 minimum wage; who thinks you can raise a family of six on less than that? It’s a great start, but we need to go to $25 an hour, let’s be fair.
And health care, it’s a right! We need Medicare for all. I know, I know, Obamacare made a bloody mess of the healthcare system, none of its promises were fulfilled — but it’s because we didn’t go big enough! At an estimated $28-$32 trillion over 10 years, we can do this!
Last week in Congress, the Democrats could not bring themselves to vote for the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act” — good for them! Someone has to stand up for a woman’s right to kill her kid at any point, even if it makes it out alive. But that’s hardly good enough; what if she realizes the stress of changing diapers is too much? We need to extend that right to a year.
The New Green Deal, how cool is that? Talk about forward thinking! Man screwed up the planet and we need to fix it. Let’s get rid of cars, planes, cows, modern farming methods, modern heating and cooling and let the chips fall where they may — the Earth is worth it.
Ah, socialism. We’re finally coming to our senses. Even though it’s never worked anywhere, it always devolves into totalitarianism (Cuba, Eastern Europe, Venezuela), here’s the dirty little secret: our people are smarter, and this time it’s gonna work!
So, go Dems, and take me into the brave new (dystopian) future with you.
Sean Archambault
Ramapoo Road, March 10