Letter: Global history teaches students about cultures, religions

To the Editor:
As you may have heard, Ridgefield High School is planning on dropping Global History I as a required course and making it an elective for the incoming freshmen: the classes of 2023, 2024, and so on. My name is Caroline Vilinskis and I am a student of the class of 2022 at Ridgefield High School and am a scout in the BSA Troop 19. It is true that this decision would not affect me or anyone in my grade directly, but Global History I has many essentials that would be more effective to teach during freshman year.
As stated by a fellow freshman and Ridgefield Miss America mentor, Hersha Chauhan, “Global I teaches the cultures, religions, and history of different countries, as well as how to annotate, and writing and question skills.” Although all of this information could be taught during sophomore year, it would be more comparable to cramming due to the already full year of Global II. Numbers, as I have learned, can have an incredible impact when it comes to convincing others. When Anshuman Suryawanshi, the class president of 2022, created a public poll and asked whether Global I should remain required, 1,071 people out of 1,213 in total stated that the course should remain. That is an overwhelming 88%.
I understand that it is not an individual’s choice to make whether Global History I should remain a required class, but it is important to keep in mind that the incoming freshmen of Ridgefield High School are our future. They are our today and tomorrow.
Take Global History I and pretend that it is the class in high school that you favored over every other. How would you feel if that course was removed from the curriculum and shoved to the side as an elective?
Caroline Vilinskis
Olmstead Lane, March 7