Letter: Gender studies class is open to all

To the Editor

This is a response to the decision to offer a gender studies course at Ridgefield High School in the 2019-20 school year. I am concerned about Tracey O’Connor’s response to the proposal that classes should serve everyone, not just a minority. Not once did Dr. Stacey Gross say the class would only be open to “minorities.”

This class is an opportunity for everyone in school to be exposed to the issues of gender equality and informed about current news pertaining to gender and the LGBTQ community.

As a RHS graduate in the class of 2017, I would have loved to have taken that class, and I would not consider myself a minority. Some courses I take at my university have a similar structure and course material to this class, and my eyes have been widely opened to what is going on in the world, something that I think students at RHS should experience at a younger age than I did.

The fact that O'Connor abstained from voting on the new courses makes me worried that high school students going through identity changes or who are asking questions are not getting the information they need or the reassurance that it is okay to be their authentic self.

Rejecting a class like that is rejecting where our society is right now and where it is moving.

I think Dr. Gross's idea to offer this course is a great one and will benefit all students and raise awareness for these issues.

Sara Vivien

Ridgefield High School, Class of 2017