Letter: Fuel depot replacement reeks of town negligence

To the Editor:

I read the news of the state-mandated shutdown of the Ridgefield fuel depot with considerable dismay. It would seem that the DEEP inspector is mandated to shut down any operating facility with tanks that are 30 or more years old.  

If the town leadership was unaware of this rather significant detail, it represents one of the more appalling examples of government negligence and incompetence I can think of! If they were aware of it, the implications are even more troubling!

Adding insult to injury, it would also seem that the state of Connecticut and DEEP think it reasonable for the town to be forced to waste taxpayer funds to the tune of $70,000+ for temporary facilities in spite of the fact that there is no detectable leakage!

Has our elected state representative, John Frey, taken the time to make an inquiry to possibly obtain a six-month waiver while new tanks are installed?  

Presenting a signed contract to DEEP should represent sufficient evidence of the town’s good faith.  No doubt there may be extenuating details which could have been omitted from The Ridgefield Press article. Nevertheless, during this budget season it is hard to face higher taxes with the knowledge that our taxes are being needlessly wasted.

Robertson Bennett

Pumping Station Road, April 4