Letter: Frey must come clean

To the Editor:
Based on the news that the Republican National Committee members voted unanimously to pledge the party’s “undivided support” to Donald Trump as the party’s presidential candidate in 2020, Alex Harris, the chair of the Ridgefield DTC asked John Frey to clarify his role in this.
Since John Frey is one of only three RNC members from Connecticut, he is in a central position to set the direction for the national Republican party. Did he vote to subsume the national Republican party into the Trump political campaign effort? Since Mr. Frey represents Ridgefield in the state’s Gemeral Assembly, he has an obligation to keep his constituents informed of his views and positions. Mr. Harris asked Mr. Frey simply to disclose if he was present at the RNC meeting, and if he agrees with the pledge to support Trump exclusively.
How did John Frey respond to the perfectly reasonable request to be open with his constituents? He didn’t answer the question, but instead attempted to ignore it and deflect attention from it by attacking Mr. Harris personally, while trying to play the victim by claiming that Mr. Harris had “distorted” his record.
What is he hiding? If Mr. Frey can’t bring himself to come clean with the people of Ridgefield, perhaps he should resign, so he can devote all of his time and energy to holding Trump’s coat, without being distracted by responsibilities to his town.
G.M. Bartlett
Seth Low Mountain Road, Feb. 14