Letter: Frey letter had misleading language, showed ignorance

To the Editor:

There is no justification for Rep. John Frey’s misleading language, ignorance of the facts about family separation (i.e., ripping children from their parents) and willful, deceptive rhetoric about “both sides” and “Democrats are to blame.”

The Trump administration, which John Frey supports and enables through his powerful role on the RNC and his use of the White House’s talking points, has no plan for reuniting children with their families. It’s John Frey, not Trump, who penned and signed a letter to the Press equating the separation of young children from their parents with border security. Nowhere does he acknowledge it as an act of child abuse and hostage-taking. Nowhere does Frey demonstrate humanity.

John Frey doesn’t admit that kids who were incarcerated at the border were sent to CT facilities (a surprise move which the governor did not know, because Trump’s team did not tell them). Instead Frey blames Malloy for his lack of information. I guess Frey thinks it is not his job to stay on top of what is happening in this state.

John Frey turns his narrative towards “helping the people of CT” and evokes Gov. Jodi Rell, a key creator of our massive debt, as a way to deflect his complicity in this crime against kids. He claims this crisis is for only federal officials. He fails to demonstrate courage in favor of (smugly) attempting to turn criticism aside.

Rep. Frey, we’re horrified by Trump team’s actions against children. Aren’t you? You have a responsibility to lead, to be compassionate, to understand that permanent trauma to kids will occur due to these separations. You have a responsibility to demand transparency for CT.

I guess this is where we separate the leaders from followers and enablers.

There is nowhere for you to run and hide.

Susan D. Cocco

Branchville Road, July 2