Letter: Fourth of July editorial response

To the Editor:

Your June 29 editorial titled “Trump Fourth” brought you down to a new low in service to your subscribers.  

To take the occasion of our nation’s Independence Birthday to trash our new President Donald Trump and suggest he be impeached is an outrageous insult to every patriotic citizen who loves their country and wants to celebrate our Declaration of Independence and Constitution in a positive way.  

Fortunately, for Ridgefield citizens, last evening the United States Army Field Band and Soldiers’ Chorus performed magnificently for all of us at Ridgefield High School auditorium.  

The theme of the concert was a reflection on the long service history of the U.S. Army to our country through many decades of wars, enemy attacks and peacekeeping.  

The feelings of love and respect for country, and strong emotional patriotism were obvious throughout the evening.  

Congratulations to musician organizer Jack Herr, Commander George Besse and The American Legion of Ridgefield and Selectwoman Barbara Manners for arranging this beautiful gift to our community.  

Let us all work to support in a positive way those who hold legally elected political positions within our federal and state governments.   

Happy Birthday and God Bless America!

Raymond and Catherine Sementini