Letter: Finance candidates should appreciate multiple viewpoints

To the Editor:

Anyone who serves on a town board should possess a basic ability to exercise sound judgment and to appreciate multiple viewpoints and perspectives. In my opinion, Marty Heiser who is running to keep his seat on the BOF is not that candidate.

I would encourage anyone who would consider supporting him this November to watch a few episodes of “The Marty Heiser show” which are easily found on YouTube and make for some eye-opening viewing. He has dedicated entire segments to promoting Trump, openly traffics in conspiracy theories and plays infowars propaganda videos to support his opinions.

Mr. Heiser denies the importance of climate science, supports the repeal of the ACA, supports Trump’s views on immigration and as recently as April 2017 claimed that he still believed Mexico would be paying for Trump’s border wall.

This is not the right person to serve on one of our town’s most important boards.

Bethany Agliardo

Holmes Road, Oct. 23