Letter: Field fire anonymous restitution highlights the worst of ‘Rich Field’ privilege

To the Editor:
I am disappointed at the town’s decision to not press charges or to disclose the names of the people responsible for lighting the town’s baseball field on fire.
Restitution between two private parties? Yes, I can see how this could be a solution. But when public property, town employees, and school sports teams are involved —not to mention while the international press is reporting? No, restitution is not adequate.
Allowing a handful of privileged people to set a baseball field on fire, and then pay the bill speaks to the worst stereotypes of “Rich Field” privilege that so many of us work every day to dispel through hard work, community and honesty.
While the town may have rested its case, I urge those people who are responsible to come forward. Accept responsibility for your actions, feel the sting of public disappointment, and know that forgiveness does eventually follow.
Your money may have repaired the town’s fields, but you have damaged the town’s reputation and your money hasn’t fixed that yet.
Amy Freidenrich
Owner Ross Bread and Coffee, April 19