Letter: Female leaders

To the Editor:

Listen to the rumbling as the volume of women's voices builds.

One, two, 40, 10,000 stories of girls and women seizing hope and courage from one another's first bold steps to make public their old private grief and shame.

Despite the taunts and threats from strangers, neighbors, senators and even the president of the United States of America, women are telling at last.

They will not be cowed by bullies.

Their slow female boil is spilling over and they are taking up the bullhorn again as they have in the past when those in power abused the trust they were given.

And they're running for office — in record numbers.

So many women, raised to be polite, to earn their credentials to earn credibility, to speak when called upon, have had enough.

Within the same recent week, both Barack Obama and Jahana Hayes, one of those Connecticut women running for the first time for congressional office, enjoined the outraged but timid among us not to wait for leaders to appear. They urged us to offer our voices, step up and get involved.

Sylvia Steinert

Barlow Mountain Road, Sept. 23