Letter: False and misleading statements

To the Editor: 
In response to Mr. Pope’s letter to The Ridgefield Press dated May 10, 2019 regarding my letter to The Ridgefield Press dated May 9, 2019, I think you missed the point. In fact, that is the point.
When any individual leader, be they political, governmental, military, religious or multimedia, knowingly continues to repeatedly issue false and misleading claims to their constituency, these falsehoods will eventually become the official doctrine that their constituency will come to believe.
If no one person or group challenges these falsehoods, they become the “truths” which will govern and destroy democracy. As we have seen many times in the past, these actions can and do have bitter consequences, such as obedience to an authoritarian leadership, passage of undemocratic and restrictive laws, and verbal and physical abuse of nonbelievers.
FDR rightly said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”
False and misleading statements are nothing but false and misleading. That is the point.
PA Torzilli
Old Sib Road, May 19