Letter: Expansion of sewer district for ‘senior park’ should be denied

To the Editor:

In response to developer Marty Handshy’s proposal to expand the sewer district for a “senior park” on Danbury Road (“Condos, sewer expansion sought” Jan. 3 Press), my answer is an emphatic “No.” I oppose any expansion of the sewer district boundaries other than to address health issues created by existing homes with failing septic systems.

I’ve lived on Great Hill Road for nearly 35 years, and travel that stretch of Danbury Road every day. Traffic congestion, especially between Limestone and Farmingville Road, has gotten worse every year, and not just during rush hour. Locating the Rec Center and Founders Hall (both wonderful facilities) on that site has created some of the problems. Adding high-density housing in place of single-family homes will only exacerbate an already terrible situation.

Mr. Handshy was quoted in The Press as saying “As a longtime resident of the town I don’t want to do anything that’s not popular.” That statement begs the question: If he were truly concerned about the opinions of his fellow Ridgefielders, why did he bring his recently approved Danbury Road project to the P&Z under 8-30g?

If you expand the sewer district, high-density building will follow. The character of our town and our quality of life are at stake. The Planning & Zoning Commission, the WPCA and the Board of Selectmen should say no to this proposal.

Ellen Burns

Great Hill Road, Jan. 7