Letter: Excellent application for inappropriate use

To the Editor:

In addition to health and safety concerns previously identified, the Little League “stadium” proposed for the intersection of Route 7 and Simpaug Turnpike would broadcast disruptive noise, light, and additional exhaust pollution not only to the surrounding residential neighbors but would also despoil one of the more environmentally sensitive sections of Ridgefield’s Route 7.  

The 1999 and 2010 Ridgefield Plans of Conservation and Development describe or reference the multi-town open space corridor known as the Sugar Hollow Greenway, the Norwalk River Valley Trail, the educational value of open space (Norwalk River Study Area), the open space goal of 30%, the importance of perceived as well as dedicated open space, the need to acquire surplus DOT parcels for open space, and so on (read the Plans).

The proposed “stadium” is inconsistent with all of these planning items, either directly or within the overarching goals and policies of both Plans taken collectively. Accordingly, it certainly appears that the stadium as designed and placed is at clear variance to pre-existing and long-range planning for Ridgefield.  

Attorney Robert Jewell, in the May 18 Ridgefield Press, described the application as “the most thorough and complete application I have ever seen.”  

Mr. Jewell represents the developer.

P&Z Chair Rebecca Mucchetti, in the May 4 Ridgefield Press, observed that “at this point in the town’s history, we are more in need of a land use administrator than a [town] planner.”

Ms. Mucchetti represents the town.

Now, more than ever, we need to encourage and emphasize careful and creative planning to maintain and enhance Ridgefield’s character and environmental quality. The “stadium” as designed and placed is what can happen when we don’t; an excellent application for an inappropriate use.

Michael J. Autuori