Letter: Environmentalist supports Ridgefield Voters United

To the Editor:
I applaud Ridgefield Voters United’s initiative (Ridgefield Press, March 7, 2019).
We can develop needed and sustainable commercial enterprises but at the same time we must preserve open space and crucial wetlands. Sacrificing these could create environmental damage and devalue property.
Trees and other plants provide oxygen and serve as carbon sinks by removing carbon dioxide. Vernal ponds provide intrinsic ecological value as pieces of undeveloped forests, and wetlands critical as wildlife habitats. Ridgefield’s wetlands are a source of water to our aquifers of drinking water, and as purifiers for clean water in reservoirs downstream, as well as controlling runoff and helping prevent flooding.
Ridgefield Voters United recognizes the Inland Wetlands Board and the Planning and Zoning Commission are as effective as their elected commissioners.
Apparently, the RVU’s Facebook page will post factual, sourced information for voting choices.
George S. Noyes, Ph.D.
Circle Drive East, March 10
Editor’s note: Dr. Noyes is an aquatic biologist who has taught science at Ridgefield High School.