Letter: Eagle Scout cords

To the Editor:

Eagle Scout cords resemble a small red, white and blue rope, usually six feet long which represents all the extremely difficult work a scout goes through to become an Eagle. Most scouts quit or run out of time before they make it to Eagle. To become an Eagle scout, first the person must make it through all the levels of scouting, (Basic scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star and Life), these all teach the scout about responsibility and to be involved in their community, the nation, and the world. All these scouts have gone through many problems and hardships together, and they have spent much of their time on community service helping others in need, with no favors in return.

It is common in most areas of the United States for Eagle scouts to wear their Eagle scout cords to their graduation, after all it is a huge accomplishment. However, this year they are no longer allowed to wear them during graduation out of fear that it brings too much of a competitive spirit to the students. But these students are soon going to become adults, and they will need to be competitive to survive in the real world.

Eagle scouts deserve to be recognized for all their hard work and they should have the right to wear their cord to graduation, that’s why many people are working hard to let the Board of Education know that they should not ban the cords.

Charlie Kalbfus

Ridgefield, June 12