Letter: Dunk tank is small price to pay to show volunteer firefighters thanks

To the Editor:

I try to be a good person. Usually I think people like me, and I think I have a lot of friends in town. Then, the Ridgefield Volunteer Firemen's Carnival rolls into town, and all bets are off.

I sit on the tiny bench with my floaties and snorkel on, dangling over 350 gallons of ice water and those who I thought liked me (including the Prospects with whom I work, SPHERE friends, my own children, their friends, neighbors, and my husband) all run to line up for their chance to dunk me. It's fantastic.

The money to buy the balls goes to one of the greatest causes in town: the Volunteer Fire Department. They are the best — professional, alert, helpful everyday heroes. Being dunked in the water is a small price to pay to show my thanks and help raise money for the volunteer firefighters, who put their lives on the line for my friends, my family, and myself.

To further show my support, I'm willing to up the ante this year. I'll bring a cooler filled with ice, and for an additional donation you can dump the ice in the tank before you dunk me.

Thank you Sharon Scott for being a great volunteer firefighter, Prospect, bus driver, tank-master, and friend.

See you at the dunk tank, “friends!”

Valerie "Dunk Tank" Jensen

Prospector Theater, June 26