Letter: Don’t move concerts from Ballard Park

To the Editor:

We strongly oppose alternative sites for the CHIRP summer concert series held in Ballard Park.  By being held in the center of our town, these concerts bring an important sense of community, energy and commerce downtown. If we have a parking problem, then solve the parking problem, don’t eliminate a successful in-town program.

There is much discussion on helping downtown Ridgefield thrive, so we are perplexed that anyone would consider moving concerts from Ballard Park. The benefits to downtown and the community far outweigh any inconveniences. Moving the concerts to Schlumberger or the Rec Center would surely reduce attendance, reduce downtown commerce and diminish a vibrant jewel of our town.

Downtown parking problems are also called out as a challenge for retail businesses, so let’s solve that problem, once and for all, rather than put a successful program at risk.

Rob Wengel and Gina Formichelli