Letter: Dog owners should keep tighter leash on aggressive animals

To The Editor, 

Last Tuesday, May 2, around noon I was walking my daughter’s very small Norwich Terrier, Lucy, along Governor Street when a very large dog came around the corner from Bissell’s and lunged ferociously at Lucy. The owner was unable to restrain the other dog, which clamped its teeth on Lucy. Fortunately, Lucy was able to break free. She also broke free of her leash and took off at high speed towards East Ridge, which she crossed without looking both ways and without slackening her speed. Although I couldn’t possibly match Lucy’s speed I followed her right away without stopping to talk to the other dog’s owner. I have the impression the dog was brown and black and long-haired — and obviously aggressive. Several people along the way saw me hurrying carrying an empty leash and had seen Lucy tearing by.

Some offered to help. Their sightings indicated Lucy was headed straight home. Lucy is intelligent and, to my great relief, I found her sitting on the front steps about 10 minutes after the attack.

Should the dog’s owner read this letter, it would be a nice gesture to pay the $200 vet’s bill. Dr. Heidinger attended Lucy with his usual care and kindness, treated a wound in her leg, gave her an antibiotic and a rabies booster. Lucy seems to be doing fine, but I doubt that she will want to accompany me downtown for some time.

Jeremy Main