Letter: Dodging responsibility won’t work

To the Editor:

In his letter of Aug. 2, Mr. McNicholas pointedly ignores the crisis for immigrant families and children caused by Trump’s orders which prompted my letter criticizing John Frey.

I took exception to John Frey’s complicity with Trump as a member of the RNC and his painful ignorance of the fact that children separated by ICE from their parents were housed in CT.  

Abuse of the first order was perpetrated on these children, yet Frey spouted platitudes about the need for compromise on immigration measures in his own letter to the Press on June 29. He decidedly passed over Trump’s cruelty in separating children and families, then he passed the buck to “Democrats” stating they had to come up with reasonable alternatives to protect our borders and “alter the process now in place.”

There is no humanity in his letter, and no moral code. No acknowledgement that as our state representative, he has a role in making sure those kids are safe and returned to their parents.

I am not surprised by Mr. McNicholas’ attempts to change the conversation and attack.

I am surprised that Mr. McNicholas, an elected member of the Ridgefield Republican Town Committee, framed his argument as a personal attack replete with extreme sexism and woman-bashing. He made his disdain for women and all women leaders clear by using sexism to marginalize my opinion and my voice.

I have a question for the Ridgefield GOP and for John Frey. Is that how you plan to win votes in November? Represent our community? And lead? By bashing women?

Susan D. Cocco

Branchville Road, Aug. 6