Letter: Do I hear you correctly?

To the Editor:

Concerning last week’s Democratic View, "I Hear You," but I’m not sure I understand you. You’ve listened to many people about their concerns for our state and you want to address them and get us back on the right track.

But wait a minute, a new study from the Mercatus Center (George Mason University) finds that CT ranks as the state in the worst fiscal condition — second only to Puerto Rico.

“According to Mercatus, Connecticut’s fiscal state is “poor across all categories,” which cover cash, budget, long-term, citizen service-level, and trust fund solvency.”

We have the least popular governor of all 50 states. During the last eight years, led by a Democratic governor and legislature, we have driven out two major businesses, GE and Aetna, and many smaller ones. Our population exits the state at the rate of 13,000 per year because of confiscatory taxes and overbearing regulations. This administration has made unsustainable pension deals with the public sector unions, which puts additional burdens on its citizens.

The column ends by saying that backsliding and stagnation are not viable options. But I think that’s exactly what the Democrats are offering. And I don’t think it’s a viable strategy.

Sean Archambault

Ramapoo Road, Aug. 20