Letter: Did he really try to sell that?

To the Editor:

Rep. John Frey has an unfailingly pleasant smile, but his words can be sly.

For example, in his letter in the June 28th issue of The Press, he argues that the Democratic Party is not interested in compromise on immigration and is thereby co-responsible for family separations.  But that very week 48% of congressional Republicans (112 of them, nearly half) voted down the compromises advanced by their own leader, Speaker Ryan, after their president told Congress not to bother with legislation for this session.

Rep. Frey, a 12-year a member of the Republican National Committee, was probably smiling pleasantly when he wrote his letter saying the Democrats were unready to compromise — his party will likely praise him as a good apparatchik. But who are more unreliable than people who play out the faults that they inaccurately assign to their rivals?

Art Leaderman

Quail Drive, June 29