Letter: DiFalco deserving of top cop honors

To the Editor:

It came as no surprise to see that Chris DiFalco was named, “Officer of the Year.” He is  well-deserving.

Recently, I was overwhelmed with the task of installing a new, complicated child restraint in my car for my 19-month-old grandson. I was frustrated and worried about how I would be able to make sure the seat was properly and safely installed. Officer DiFalco came to the rescue!   

He put me totally at ease with his knowledge and expertise, explaining that he had taken a weeklong training course for this. He was patient and thorough in setting up the seat.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, I forgot some details a few days later when we had to put our toddler into the seat. We went back to the police department at 7 at night, toddler in tow, and I was thrilled that Officer DiFalco was right there. He proceeded again to patiently demonstrate and secure our little guy while he sat in the seat. My husband and I were so impressed!

We are so fortunate to have Officer Chris DiFalco as a member of our police department. He is the best.

Sunnie Colen

Ridgefield, March 8