Letter: Developments present traffic problems

To the Editor:

In the Jan. 10 edition there was an article on the future of town development.

The current development in town is also of interest. Between the Elms development and Ludington Court, 22 new houses have been constructed, which means there are at least 44 people and 22 cars that will be getting on to and off Main Street with no traffic control.

The two buildings that comprise 35 Old Quarry Road will contain between 50 to 75 units (I haven't counted the exact number). This means there will be at least  50 to 75 cars coming out onto or turning off Old Quarry Road throughout the day, and probably most of them in the morning and late afternoon.

Once on Old quarry Road they will either turn right and go up and on to Grove Street.

There are times already when Grove Street is bumper to bumper.

In the other direction, Old Quarry Road swings down past Roar and either down to Farmingville Road or over to South Street.

35 Old Quarry Road is right across from the road to the ACT theater. It would seem natural that some of the 50 to 80 folks in 35 Quarry Road would want to walkover to the  ACT theater. This would suggest that a sidewalk would be needed and since most of the shows are in the evening, street lights or sidewalk lights would be required.

Something to think about.

Bob Leavitt

Olcott Way, Jan. 13