Letter: Destination Ridgefield?

To the Editor:

At the Planning and Zoning hearing, Tuesday, Nov. 8, over 35 people shared their concerns and support for the B&B application on Circle Drive.

There was overwhelming opposition to the proposal with only five people speaking in favor of the application. One person, in support of the B&B, (a self-described millennial) spoke at length about how Ridgefield is trying to become a destination location for people to visit and vacation.

“Hey! We even have trendy taco places now!” she went on to say. A few others also in support added, “Don’t we want more people to come to town? They will spend their money here! It will be good for the town!” These same people (millennial included) were also quick to comment about the quaint, charming nature of Ridgefield. She spoke about how lovely it was to grow up in Ridgefield.

In not thinking it through, this young woman failed to realize that the fact that Ridgefield is not a destination location is what keeps it quaint and charming! Ridgefield wins honorable mention in national surveys as one of America’s quintessential charming New England towns.

I would venture to guess that 100% of residents (OK 99% without the millennial) would like to keep it that way. It’s one of the things for which we are most proud to share about our town.

The young millennial also failed to factor in the already existing traffic issue that affects every corner of Ridgefield. Charming Main Street would need to be converted into a four-lane highway.

Where would all these visitors park? Destination Ridgefield? Let’s not go there and let’s focus on how to grow local business and support those that we already have.

I love Ridgefield! It’s the best kept secret … because it’s a secret!

Lisa Cousins

Circle Drive, Nov. 9