Letter: Democrats would do better with a moderate candidate

To the Editor:

I am politically independent: conservative on most economic issues, and I “lean left” on many social issues. Although registered Republican, I could not vote for W’s second term (No WMDs found). Also, I am  proud that our town is led by a Democrat who would be a great governor!

Trump has many faults: impulsive, bullying, inexperienced — I voted for him because I felt it was a (final?) chance to halt the U.S.A. from becoming a socialist country.

Bernie and Hillary campaigning to give the most “free” stuff to their potential voters: loan forgiveness, community college, four-year college. Upon graduation, if hundreds of thousands cannot find work, progressives will propose that government guarantee jobs for all college grads. Tax revenues and confiscation from the very wealthy will be inadequate to pay for government. Middle-income families will also face an increased tax burden.

Capitalism, with individuals competing to provide the best products and services, is a major reason for the relative high standard of living enjoyed by most Americans from the middle of the 20th Century until recently.

Many younger voters today admire socialism, in part because of the charisma of Bernie Sanders. Regarding the “fascist” label placed on Trump cabinet members, regimes in (Venezuela, Germany) were originally socialists.

Pollsters report President Trump’s approval rating is at an all-time low for presidents after 100 days. Are these the same pollsters who reported that Hillary had a 90+% chance of winning the election?

If Sen. Sanders or Warren is the nominee in 2021, the Democrats will probably lose. They would do better with a moderate candidate.

Steve Ernst

Split Level Road, May 1