Letter: Democrats will continue to take guns from law-abiding citizens

To the Editor:

In response to Carol Mark. So the ever-popular thinking that Democrats don’t want to take guns is not true?

So funny. The state of Connecticut banned 288 firearms and thousands of accessories, including mags and ammo threaded barrels and made it mandatory to have a permit to buy ammunition. Not to mention, the fact that the so-called assault weapons and military style weapons that are in fact semi auto and  hundreds of other accessory and mail order as well.

Yep, they banned them and just for the record they did not include any input from the Republicans or residents of this state.

The bully aspect of one party rule that they love and apply so freely on law-abiding citizens without a thought other than taking away guns from law-abiding gun owners is disgraceful.

And furthermore, the banned rifles and accessories cannot be transferred in state or passed on to family members. This cost the owners thousands of dollars in lost monies and the firearms and accessories. Then, five years later they ban bump stocks. That is so funny; the guns they fit and work on are banned in the state already. So they were more interested in banning more gun accessories other than fixing this state that is, in fact, bankrupt.

Yes, the Democrats want every gun pounded into horseshoes. That’s a fact. So just for the record they did ban guns. And that’s a fact.

Don’t write about guns if you don’t know the facts. But it seems like lying about guns seems to be the norm on your side of the fence.

Yes, the Democrats did take guns from law-abiding citizens.

And they will do it again and again. Case closed.

Tom Falconieri Sr.

Limestone Road, July 20