Letter: Demeaning cartoon

To the Editor:

The cartoon printed on the opinion page of the Dec 6, 2018, issue of The Ridgefield Press was demeaning and insulting on multiple levels. The Press should issue an apology. First, it is insensitive to Native Americans for obvious reasons. Furthermore, it equates townspeople’s reactions to healthy start times opponents with racist 19th century reactions to Native Americans. It takes quite a stroke of insensitivity to both demean a long-persecuted racial minority (at a time of heightened racism) and insult a large segment of our town’s population.

Furthermore, certain unscrupulous opponents of the healthy start times initiative have used that graphic to libelously blame the racism contained in that graphic on healthy start time advocates (who had absolutely nothing to do with it or the sentiments in portrayed). Do the right thing, issue an apology, and implement some guidelines to avoid such errors of judgment in the future.

Alex Harris

Christopher Road, Dec. 7

Editor's note: Allegations were raised on Facebook that a member of the public was behind last week's cartoon. The cartoon was created by the cartoonist. The cartoonist was making a historical point.