Letter: Deer can create an unhealthy imbalance to the environment

To the Editor:

We like to think of ourselves as environmentalists because we recycle and drive hybrids and use non-aerosol deodorants. Those are indeed useful and beneficial efforts, but it’s a self-serving interest and does little more than mitigate a tiny part of what we ourselves have wrought.

For the living part of the environment to be healthy and balanced, a top predator is necessary.  Without a top predator, herbivores — deer for instance — can decimate the plants that other species depend on for survival both directly and indirectly, thus creating an unhealthy imbalance to the environment.  

And since we created that imbalance with our towns and houses and cars and consumption to excess, we have a moral imperative to be that top predator we displaced.  

In other words, rather than trying to thwart hunters, we should thank them for taking on that job.  

In addition to recycling, we should work with hunters if we want to call ourselves environmentalist.

Sky Cole

Ridgefield, Nov. 4