Letter: Decorum at public hearing was grossly breached

To the Editor:

I attended the Jan. 3 public hearing on the proposed special use permit for the 162 Old West Mountain Road property. It was not demonstrative of the atmosphere this town supposedly prides itself on. The discourteous behavior was disappointing, with all the shouting, booing, disrespect for meeting procedure, and disregard for due process according to state statute. I felt like I was among misbehaving toddlers in “terrible two” mode complaining impatiently, “My turn! My turn!” The last time I witnessed an adult having to explain to a group that their complaining ruckus was just wasting their own time I was in school, over 30 years ago.

It would help to understand, if you attend a public town meeting, that there are basic procedural requirements as to the agenda, including the opportunity for an applicant to take as much time as he/she needs at the outset to adequately and fully state facts and supportive documentation for an application. Even if you don’t understand that, there is something called decorum, grossly breached on Tuesday. There would’ve actually been more time for public comments at the end had folks not wasted time earlier acting like toddlers and providing long standing ovations.

Please consider maturely respecting the commission’s procedures and the statutory rights of any applicant, whether you are supportive or not, at the next meeting. The children present deserved a much better example than the impertinent behavior and procedural ignorance I witnessed. The middle school venue was quite fitting.

Ellen Turcio