Letter: Death Star over New York

To the Editor:
First, let’s go over some basics. A woman has the right to choose: to have unprotected sex, protected sex, or no sex. Once she conceives the choice option has been exercised and is no longer available. Life begins at conception — there is no arguing with science on this point. If it is not life that creates the inexorable journey from single cell to fully functioning human, then what is it? A baby in the womb is not the mother’s body: it has a different DNA, many times a different blood type, different fingerprints — which are unique to each individual — different color eyes and hair. Yes, the mother is the designated caretaker of the child, but it is not her body. A child cannot live outside the womb before about 24 weeks, but please don’t bring up that old trope about viability. Adults with diabetes, cancer, renal failure, obstructed arteries are not “viable” without the intervention of modern medicine. If we killed everyone who is not “viable” we would lose one third of our population.
New York just passed a law allowing abortion up to the woman’s due date, and if the child makes it out alive from a failed abortion it can also be killed. It will allow people other than doctors to perform abortions. When the bill passed there was actual cheering.
Our country has lost less than one million soldiers in combat from every war that we have fought. Since 1973 we have murdered 60 million children in this country. In New York there were 82,000 unborn lives extinguished in 2016, 6,000 of which were late term. How we can continue to do this, and cheer, is beyond comprehension.
I guarantee you this: A society will not survive that slaughters its own.
Sean Archambault
Ramapoo Road, Jan. 28