Letter: Could a B&B turn into a hotel?

To the Editor:

Residential neighbors were troubled to learn that Tom and Cathy Savoca, applicants to operate their home at 47 Circle Drive as a commercial bed-and-breakfast in the middle of a residential neighborhood, purchased the vacant lot adjacent to them. This clearly presents a risk that the Savocas will expand their operation beyond the two bedrooms they are initially seeking an application for. If the initial permit on their existing home is approved, would it be a mere formality for them to build on the vacant lot and expand their operation? Can we really expect that they spent over $200,000 on a vacant lot to make it a garden?

The proposed B&B would very easily introduce over 200 people a year into our neighborhood — a mere two couples per week — that’s over 1,000 people in a five-year period who would have never entered into our neighborhood otherwise. If the Savocas expand the B&B to the vacant lot next door, those numbers could triple. It goes without saying that this would significantly reduce the safety of our neighborhood and lower home values. There is a world of difference between family and friends staying at your home compared to any complete stranger willing to pay the going rate for an overnight stay. The home is a short distance from the school bus stop and is on the main road where our children ride their bikes and scooters. Inadvertently renting a room to even one bad actor could cause an irreversible tragedy. This is a dangerous world we live in — let’s not add to the risks we already face.

Rob Pacifico

Hobby Drive, Oct. 1