Letter: Corrections to previous letter on pickleball

To the Editor:

I wish to correct some information related in my Dec. 23, 2018 letter which I recently learned were inaccurate.

  • $1,902 of the total cost ($8,478) for the backboard motorization in Yanity Gym was paid for by the players.

  • The window darkening was paid by both the Ridgefield Parks and Recreation Department and the players.

  • All the equipment (nets, paddles, balls, and tape for the outside courts at RHS and the town tennis courts) was paid by player donations and by the Parks and Recreation Department.

  • The Parks and Recreation Department does provide staff, especially on the Sunday night hours. Also substitute staff is required to cover morning sessions when the attendant has days off, a vacation or is sick. And during the winter and summer.

Thank you for allowing me to correct previously made statements once I was informed as to their accuracy.

I continue to feel the increase is confiscatory, but I do so with more accurate facts.

VJ Tardino Jr.

Continental Court, Dec. 23