Letter: Conservatives do not want to see a free health insurance market

To the Editor:

Conservatives present their ideology as if it were a religion, to be taken on faith, not subject to the pragmatic criterion of, “Does it work?”

Free markets do not exist except on a very small scale, like pizza parlors or nail salons, and even their franchise operations often drive the single proprietorship out of the marker. Any producer always tries to monopolize his market.

In today's economy, with significant economies of scale and high costs of starting up, the structure of the marketplace is rarely competition among a large number of small producers. That is why government regulation is necessary making, of course, for corporate intrusion into politics by means of lobbying and campaign contributions.

Conservatives, in fact, do not want to see a free market in health insurance. They want the campaign contributions of the corporations. They welcome monopolization of insurance in many states and the desertion of some states by insurance companies as mechanisms to bring Obamacare down.

Another aspect of the conservative mindset is that any negative comparison of American ways to those employed abroad are inherently unpatriotic. No other advanced country has as a first priority profits to private health insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies, yet on a range of criteria they provide better, more inclusive health care than is available in the USA. Speaking of smears, conservatives can always curry favor by denouncing, “government manipulation and bureaucrats who think they know what is best for us.” By the way, who thinks profit-seeking insurance companies and drug companies know what is best for us?

Daniel C. Hudson