Letter: Connecticut’s financial woes don’t stem from only Malloy

To the Editor:

This week’s page 7A article on the governor’s race, taken from The Wilton Bulletin, reads like a Boucher campaign release. In it, Ms. Boucher is quoted as saying that the Republicans in the state Senate can “lead the state out of the mess the other side put us in.”  

Would any fair-minded observer seriously believe that Connecticut’s current financial difficulties are attributable only to the Malloy administration? Three Republicans held the office of governor for the 20 years prior to Dan Malloy’s election. (One of them pled guilty to corruption and was sent to prison.)  

Consider, by way of one example only, the issue of the inadequately funded state pension plan for public school teachers. The lack of sufficient funding stems from decisions made over many decades, not just the past four years.

Articles of this sort lack perspective and distort the public’s understanding of important and difficult governmental issues.

George Nichols

Lewis Drive, Sept. 30